What is chargehand (Category/Trade) ?

A person who is in incharge of a small group of workers; a lesser foreman !

What is Foreman(Category/Trade) ?

Normally the foreman is a Construction Worker having many years experience in Particular trade Who is charged with organizing the overall construction of a specific project for a specific contractor. generally the foreman may be a person with specialist information of a given trade.

A good foreman is said by many engineers to be the keystone of their projects.

Specifically, a foreman may train employees under his or her supervision, ensure appropriate use of equipment by employees, communicate progress on the project to a supervisor and maintain the employee schedule.[1] Foremen may also arrange for materials to be at the construction site and evaluate plans for each construction job.[2]


A foreman is a general term for a particular type of manager, usually in construction and manufacturing fields. Unlike most managerial staff, foremen typically gain their position by virtue of years of experience in the job instead of through education or training programs. Regardless of industry, a foreman is often the point of contact between upper management and rank-and-file employees.
The primary duties of a foreman are managerial; they train, direct, supervise and, if necessary, discipline crews and other workers. Foremen are often leadership figures in a given project or industry setting, and they are expected to coordinate employee efforts, evaluate progress and provide assistance and direction to increase efficiency. When employees have grievances with one another or complaints about the work environment, the foreman is often the go-to person who relates these issues to upper management. In a union shop, a foreman must know the contract terms and ensure that he follows the terms on matters such as assigning overtime or disciplining an employee.

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